The October Country

by Tom Eisenbraun

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Recorded over the month of October 2010 on my Tascam 4-track, this EP serves as my first official release: a glimpse into my world of recording, of song-writing, and the odd moment of surprise born of rolling tape with an instrument in my hands. A challenge completed, I offer you The October Country.


released October 26, 2010

Tom Eisenbraun's hands on guitars and voice against microphones.



all rights reserved


Tom Eisenbraun Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: The Roots
Don't ask me questions
you don't want the answers to:
You know it's only ever love.
And I know you know I know
all I let go of...

Imagine this: my body died
while my heart, it beat for you--
all I was was must fall away
before I can grow back from the root.
So you can bare me down and count my rings
before you shape me into more delicate things,
or you can throw yourself into my leaves
and hold me against the weather...

It'd be unfaithful of me
to tell you where I stand--
it'd be unfaithful of me,
but here I am.

It'd take a humble me
to tell you where I stand--
it'd take a humble me:
here I am.
Track Name: Orion
Last night I caught the constellation
that held my childhood fascination
flickering yellow in a near Autumn wind
as if to say: "Hey!! Don't grow up so fast, kid!"

But who's the liar,
and who's the billion-year-old ball of fire?

Out from under seasoned trees,
I caught my childhood hero on his knees,
my bedtime prayers lost somewhere in between
the speed of light and long-dim galaxies...

[stars fall]
Track Name: The Merest Filament of Light
Whisperin' whiskers alight on your brow,
your eyes singing their sweet refrain:
"Love's a softly mumbled vow[el],"
breathing life into all your days...

Love is humming harmony,
it takes a soft voice to keep this one in tune,
but the day your score is freed
of all sharps and flats you'll sing
a song of your soul that'd never ring so true...

Dust will be returned to dust
and the air in our lungs will finally be freed,
but deep underground a chorus will still resound:
Wisdom, in its folly, singing "Lord, why me?"
Track Name: Fire Balloons
If you want to love me
just keep yourself a mystery,
and I won't be your Jefferson Bible:
I won't let you tear my miracles

1928: It was the 4th of July.
You were drifting fire balloons off to the sky--
eighty ears later when they came back down,
I heard you whisper: "I hope I die before my voice gives